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Data visualization application design and development for project assessment and research company

One of the largest company in independent engineering project assessment and research company in the world.

Industry Consulting engineering, Industry feasibility studies.

The client helps the industries with industry research and project assessment. We had to design and develop the web application which

Our Acheivements

  • Automating the whole manual work process.
  • Designed a simple and UX friendly system appreciated by clients of our client.
  • 45% improvement in turnaround time in client communication and decision making.

Our contributions in the Data visualization system design and development

  • System flow analysis.
  • UX/UI design
  • User testing
  • Web application development
  • Quality analysis

Challenges and solutions of the BI application

  • Accumulating huge dataset

    So far they did everything in Excel. Now for an industrial research company the dataset is huge for a particular project.

    We had to design the screens which be able to fit that data and also in most effective way.

  • Effective usability in one of the complex system

    Due to many parameters, conditions, filters, datasets, the actual volume of components was quite huge in the system.

    Our UX designers had to go through many thought processes, use cases, iterations to reach the optimum design solution.

  • Reducing data load time

    Industry research data is just huge.

    In technical end, our engineers put a huge effort on the load time reduction for the system to both our and the client’s satisfactory level.