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Google map based automated luxury chauffeur management system

One of the UK’s largest provider of luxury chauffeur services to C level executives and VIPs.

Industry Transportation

AppRadius, previously RedElegant was hired to technically provide fuel to the premier chauffeur company of London. Our job was to implement many automated logics, develop new sections and features to reduce manual effort and increase performance of the overall chauffeur management system including web application and mobile apps. In London,UK there are tight rules set by Transport For London and we had to redesign, develop and optimize a larger portion of the management system to help the client remain at top.

Our Acheivements

  • Reduced manual effort to 45%.
  • Operation team efficiency increased during job covering by 37%.
  • TFL compliance passed.

Our contributions in the chauffeur management and booking software

  • System flow analysis.
  • UX/UI design
  • Responsive website development
  • Fleet management Software system development
  • Quality analysis

Challenges and solutions of the Chauffeur application

  • Changes implementing in the decade old custom structured code.

    With decade old work in the system, when we took over implementing new and improved features and designs was a challenge.

    Our engineers had to carefully make the layered transition to implement the faster experiences.

  • Effective usability in one of the complex system

    Due to many parameters, conditions, filters, datasets, the actual volume of components was quite huge in the system.

    Our UX designers had to go through many thought processes, use cases, iterations to reach the optimum design solution.

  • Increase system performance

    With the restructuring the code, implementing new technical components and upgrading the whole system to another level was a vital task.

    Our engineers put a huge effort on the system upgradation. They enhanced performance and developed new modules.