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Web application development for an Indian bank for their insurance domain

Client is one of the top private bank in India. We helped them with front-end development for a web application for their insurance vertical.

Industry Banking, Insurance, B&FS

The client wanted to develop an web application for full data collection for their insurance vertical. The goal of the project was to collect related data of an interested insurance buyer so that the paperwork time gets reduced. We developed the application front-end in Angular and HTML, CSS.

Our Acheivements

  • Reducing data collection time, resulting in efficiency increment by 50%.
  • 100% pixel perfect design across devices.
  • Load less web application.

Our contributions in the insurance web app development

  • Web App development with Angular
  • Responsive front-end development
  • Pixel perfect development of the design
  • Quality analysis

Challenges and solutions of the Insurance application

  • Actually developing the front-end pixel by pixel, complementing the design

    To do justice to the design, our task was to develop the front-end in pixel perfect way.

    Our front-end engineers took the challenge and for each device we developed the full front-end design measuring pixel to pixel. It took time, patience, excellence and the end result was something to be proud of.

  • Creating different transitions in the same screen for different devices

    Due to different design for desktop and mobile the transitions also differed, which had to serve through same component.

    Our engineers wrote each component is such a way, it was been able to able deliver different transitions for different devices for the same screen without any problem. Many cases the desktop view was fragmented in the mobile, but it didn't stopped us from achieving the result.

  • Achieving responsiveness

    The mobile design was not just responsive, but 80% totally different.

    Our job was to serve the different device views from same codebase, without hampering user experience. Appradius quality analysis team and front-end designers ensured the end result is 100% satisfactory despite the odds.

  • Complex routing

    Many cases forms were fragmented in the mobile view, but they had to serve from single components.

    Sometimes a single component had multiple sub component, and those sub components were accessible via different URL, so we had to write the code in Angular such a way, so that the sub-components became accessible through different URL.