Our Approach

Protecting your idea

We make sure your Intellectual Property is safe and secure. We take it as a priority and projects starts with an NDA helping both parties to discuss scope in granular details.

Understanding each other

We want to understand your idea, your goal and expectations behind the project. The story which you want to tell and what you want to acheive.

Concept assessment and roadmap discussion

We break information in meaningful chunks and develop strategy to meet your business goal and timeline.

Rapid prototyping

Chosen ideas are given a form with agile methodology. With your help we align it to your vision in a journey full of iterations, combinations and idea exchanges towards the best user experience design.

Agile development

With best UX design we move into agile application development rapidly. In this process we develop the application in a way which helps you to go to market properly and address user needs.

Quality analysis

We take quality analysis very seriously. Apart from user testing at design phase, we do black-box testing, security testing, load testing, automation testing as per requirement.

Soft launching

Then the product meets the real world, tested, iterated and refined with brilliance. as per your launch strategy

Support and maintenance

We keep providing you support for ongoing work even after going live. We go into maintenance relationship to keep providing you technical help just like a tech co-founder.