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Recruitment industry

We at Appradius have a good knowledge of the recruitment industry. Some industries like job industry will be in business forever as the job searches never end! The companies are trying hard to increase perfect matches, decrease percentage of bad data, and also trying to extend the hands of technology in diverse way possible.

How companies are trying to improve the job industry

Candidate verification and recruitment

Unbiased recruitment process, vetted and skilled candidates are the basic demand for job industry.

- Companies like pymetrics uses neuroscience + AI to predict the right person for the job, while removing bias from the process.

- Another section of platforms are trying to create blockchain powered verification protocol for verifying professional profiles.

AR based job training

Industries where field experience is mandatory, some startups are trying to make the training more interactive with implementation of AR.

Skill assessment

Companies like Hackerank are just killing it by helping tech companies to hire software developers. They provide a platform where recruiters can assess technical skills of a candidate easily before hiring

We at Appradius designed and developed multiple recruitment platforms and helped companies with localize job applications in this sector. We will be more than happy to help you in your endeavour.

Who made it big?


Founded in September 2013 in New York by Frida E Polli and Julie J Yoo, who each have PhDs and were trained at MIT and Harvard. They has raised $16.6 million so far.


HackerRank is a technical hiring platform that helps businesses evaluate software developers based on skill. Founded in 2012, they have raised $52.8M so far.


Springrole started blockchain powered attestation protocol for verifying professional profiles. Operating since 2014, they have been raised $1.3M so far.


Snag is the largest platform for hourly work with 90 million registered hourly workers and 450,000 employer locations nationwide. Founded in 2000, so far raised $141M.


  • The recruitment industry is huge
  • If the platform targets a niche and build features and processes accordingly, success can be achieved.
  • Innovative ways to filter candidates is going a long way


  • Job posted by the recruiters most of the times are not properly clarified.
  • Data provided by the job seekers are not properly vetted.
  • Creating a niche and getting target users on board.
  • Providing highly matched candidates to a company.

How can we help you

We Protect and discuss your idea

We start by making sure your Intellectual Property is always safe and secure — it’s our top priority and every project, including recruitment app development starts with an NDA.

Consultation and assessment

We discuss about your idea on the job industry and see how we can help you with best design and technology. We are experienced in working with the recruitment industry for both local and global companies and we talk about our process, timeline, etc to see if we’re a good fit for each other at this stage.

Concept and designing

We set proper milestones and start executing. It normally starts with information gathering, brainstorming, concept designing and iteration. We layout concepts for both the UX/UI for both the product(web and mobile) and the relative website.

Agile development

Once we design the concept of your recruitment(job) platform, we move to Agile development. We help you with web and mobile based products.

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