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Javascript is taking charge in recent days in web application development and using V8 JS engine developed by Google, it is a preferred technology for any product company that put stress on concurrency, speed and intensive data exchange such as video and chat engines, real-time tracking apps, online games and collaboration tools. While our company has mastered Node.js development, we also work on other MEAN stack technologies such as MongoDB, Express.js, and AngularJS.

Advantages of using using Node js

  • Node js is the fastest technology out there to build your application.
  • It uses the event loop principle, making extremely scalable for realtime apps.
  • Node.js excels in real time applications because of WebSockets, ensures fast communications.
  • Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.
  • Node.js’ package ecosystem, NPM, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.
  • Node js have a strong community support

Why choose Appradius as your Node js development company

Experience on working multiple Node js project

Front-end engineers at Appradius have first-hand working experience with Node Js in multiple projects in sectors including chat-bot, Enterprise Saas application, high scale ERP solution development. We know what will be right for your application and always suggest you the best for your apps.

We create fast, flexible & scalable Node js applications

While the Node JS framework itself is designed for speed and flexibility, but a lot of it depends on the implementation of proper code. We take special care to ensure that your Node JS application is optimized to the highest standards. Once we understand the requirement, we make sure we architect a solution which encompasses the proper technical solution.

Node.js Migration

Our Node.js migration and consulting experts address your requirements to leverage Node.js and related ecosystem to help you seamlessly migrate your existing applications built on Java, PHP, .Net or any other framework to Node.js.

Node.js server side development with UX first approach

With some of the best developers in India, Appradius has the expertise and talent to create the most seamless backend system for your firm. We live and breath extreme programming and we are working on many projects on Node js for upcoming startups and established businesses. The biggest concern for administrators is that their backend not only lacks in speed but also looks cluttered and is very hard to use. This is where our UX team come handy. As one of the top Node.js development companies in India we have two very distinct advantages to give our clients; We have a separate design wing who ensures great User experience and engineers take care of the rest.

We blend with your existing team

Many cases we work tightly with our clients existing development team and work together. Our highly talented Node JS development team are experts in creating the best quality application for your product. We understand your requirement, discuss with your design or development team on procedures, architectures, API, future plannings, etc. and then start working together with daily or weekly updates. We use Git framework to keep codes in sync.

Proper communication with project management

We use tools like Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Git, Skype as required to ensure proper communication and code sync. There will be always someone who will make sure that the documentation, requirements, and proper communication is happening and you can depend on us for your project.

We understand the product development life cycle

We have worked with founders right from ideation to development to support and seen them raise various rounds of funding. So we understand what it takes to build a successful product and we provide the necessary support as the product and the company grows.

Technology/Areas explored by our team

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