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The transportation industry is huge, but still not fully digital. Transport industry, especially small and medium businesses still doesn’t do proper use of technology like cloud based trucking software. Transport management software with GPS, data analysis is showing a light to this sector in increasing profit and reduce mistakes.

How software is helping the transport industry

Transport industry has many segments, a lot of variations actually! Still, most of the cases the transport management software they use has many similar components and requirements. Sectors like fleet management, chauffeur management, truck tracking, car aggregators, travel agencies, etc. right now are heavily dependent on technology in the form of sound transportation management software. The companies that are using transport management software properly and helping their customers are going ahead in lighting speed. AppRadius worked with transport and chauffeur companies and we designed and developed different types of cloud based trucking software with various features/segments like-

Transport management software

A transportation management system is quite a huge. The vastness of software for transport business depends on the business size, target audience, operational need, and most importantly distinguished features to attract and hold customers. In the best transport software, the basic features include - client management, Driver management, vehicle management, ongoing job management, job booking, vehicle tracking, finance management, etc.

Cloud based trucking software

Cloud based trucking software is in high demand, but still there is a lot of gap in quality software delivery. As a result in most of the cases, small and medium truck / transport companies are getting affected. We at AppRadius try a lot to help businesses getting quality applications and a truck management system, based on which they can increase their revenue. We build top class cloud based trucking software for transport companies so that they can look out for their trucks on road, manage documents for vehicles and drivers.

Truck tracker software

Transport management software like the vehicle tracking applications are very useful to the fleet management companies. To ensure proper client satisfaction and decrease misunderstanding with fleet drivers, truck tracker software is essential now a days. As top app development company, AppRadius worked on vehicle tracking software for both logistics and transportation companies

Who made it big?


Founded on 2004, $21.1B funding

Chauffeur Privé

Founded on 2012, €5M funding


Founded on 2014, $180.6M funding


Founded on 2013, $28.3M funding

opportunities & challenges

  • Niche problem solving is one of the key factor.
  • Taking your offline business to online with suitable software for transport business gives the business a huge revenue boost.
  • Implementing transportation management system technology in your current system let you grow faster in long run
  • The transportation market is really very big, decentralized and lots of opportunity is there if proper implementation of transport management solutions is done.
  • Transportation is highly regulated industry and rules keep updating.
  • The customer delight is a huge factor, especially in B2C segment.
  • Many associated people are not much tech savvy in this sector, but using a good software for transport business can sway the problem.

How can we help you

We Protect your idea

We start by making sure your Intellectual Property is always safe and secure. Before going into the granular details of your software for transport company, it’s our top priority and every project starts with an NDA.

Consultation and assessment

We discuss about your idea on transportation industry and see how we can help you with best design and technology of the best transport software. We talk about our process, timeline, etc to see if we’re a good fit for each other in creating suitable transport management software together.

Concept and designing

We set proper milestones before we start executing. We start with information gathering and then proceed to brainstorming on the right transportation management system, creating personas, concept designing and iteration.

Agile development

Once design of your transportation app is done, we move to Agile development. We do user testing and quality analysis to ensure the highest quality of the product.

Support and maintenance

Once the product goes live, we start a new chapter. We provide maintenance support to your transportation product on long term basis.

Digital marketing and growth hacking

We lend you hand on digital marketing and growth hacking for your transportation product. We help you with proper visual branding and digital marketing activities.

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