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Software Solutions for Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is day by day maturing. Technology and good customer experience is disrupting this industry and still a long way to go in terms of growth and possibilities. Logistics software companies like Appradius is helping to build web and mobile app based solutions for both and small businesses in this sector.

How logistics industry is growing based on technology

Fortunately Appradius, earlier RedElegant had the chance to work with both Big and small logistics companies in software design and development segment. As a result we also know how to build logistics software solutions for a funded startup or a bootstrapped small company.

Logistics management software

Based on the company business logic and type, logistics management software varies a lot in both shape and size. Some companies do actual deliveries to consumers, some just drop load in the hubs, some only connects logistic companies and help them in sharing load. So, we also design and develop logistics apps for the businesses after going through proper details of their requirement and if required we visit the site.

logistics software for small business

Providing logistics software solutions to small businesses is tricky, but really engaging. As they have to provide lots of support to big logistics companies like Flipkart, Amazon end of the day, they have to maintain a lots of protocols and have to maintain quality softwares. As they don't have in house engineering team, most of the cases they rely totally on us and we have to take the total responsibility. We then communicate a lot, help them to understand the solution and we develop logistics apps for them.

logistics tracking software

This is a must have feature for all of the logistics companies and as a logistics software company, we built it more than one time. We developed logistics tracking software for both mobile apps and also used GPS devices for vehicles and integrated in the main web application.

Design in Logistics

Many type of users with different tech understanding, uses logistics softwares. It is crucial to design best user experience for them to ensure minimum learning curve. As a design first development company, at Appradius we always put UX first and blend design with development.

Who made it big?


Founded on 2013, $204M funding

Ecom Express

Founded on 2013, ₹11.4B funding


Founded on 2011, $257.6M funding


Founded on 2013, $20.8M funding


  • Technology is giving a edge to make proper allocations and calculations.
  • Minimal risk in bag/package tracking due to proper technology usage.
  • Increasing vehicle space utility and point to point communication.
  • Logistics is a well funded market.


  • Delivering to the remote areas still a challenge.
  • Reducing the delivery cost is a factor.
  • Minimizing delivering time is still under discussion.

How can we help you

We Protect your idea

We start by making sure your Intellectual Property is always safe and secure — it’s our top priority and every project starts with an NDA

Consultation and assessment

We discuss about your idea on logistics industry and see how we can help you with best design and technology. We talk about our process, timeline, etc to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Concept and designing

We set proper milestones and start executing. It normally starts with information gathering, brainstorming, concept designing and iteration.

Agile development

Once design of your logistics product is done, we move to Agile development.

Support and maintanance

One the product goes live, we start a new chapter. We provide maintenance suppport to your logistics product on long term basis.

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