iOS app development with Swift

With larger share in the market especially in the developed counties, an iOS app is something you need for your business. Many startups takes iOS first approach based on the audience demographics. We develop iOS applications that increases user engagement with great UX and smooth implementation of technology. We built business­-critical apps to SAAS (B2B or B2C) apps with efficiency in sectors like - IOT, Events, Restaurant, Recruitment.

Advantages of building an iOS app and using Swift

  • iOS apps means business, it still drives more revenue than Android.
  • iOS first means you are serious and building the product for customers who has the more chance to buy.
  • Swift’s syntax and language construction helps it be more secure in app developemnt
  • iOS apps are easy to maintain as the OS and the devices are controlled.
  • Swift is arguably has best readability because of its clean syntax.
  • Swift also provides various speed advantages during development, in turn, saving on costs.
  • iOS have a strong community support

Why choose AppRadius as your iOS app development company

Experience on working on multiple iOS apps

With some of the best iOS app developers, AppRadius has the expertise and talent to create the most stunning iOS app for you with Swift. We already explored a diverse sectors and developed apps for sectors like -IOT, Events, Restaurant, Recruitment, and what not.

Strong iOS app design team to support

For any application good user experience is necessary. Especially in case of mobile applications where uninstalling an application takes a second and good UX impacts a lot of it. But not to worry, our experienced UX/UI team works in parallel to the developers and know what is best for your customers and the app.

We create fast, flexible & scalable iOS applications

Good code is the heart of every good app out there. With swift our experienced app developers write codes in such a way which can be maintained in long term properly and remain scalable.

We know how to make compatible iOS apps

We know how to make iOS apps to make compatible with all the supported versions of iOS.

We blend with your existing team

Many cases we work tightly with our clients existing development team and work together. Our highly talented iOS development team are experts in creating the best quality application. We understand your requirement, discuss with your design or back-end development team on procedures, architectures, API, future plannings, etc. and then start working together with daily or weekly updates. We use Git framework to keep codes in sync.

Proper communication with project management

We use tools like Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Git, Skype as required to ensure proper communication and code sync. There will be always someone who will make sure that the documentation, requirements, and proper communication is happening and you can depend on us for your project.

We understand the product development life cycle

We have worked with founders right from ideation to development to support and seen them raise various rounds of funding. So we understand what it takes to build a successful product and we provide the necessary support as the product and the company grows.

Technology/Areas explored by our team


Our projects

ICA Enterprise app

We designed and developed an enterprise application to help them visualize organization data and manage operational efficiency.

Product Engineering, Product Design

Website for HCD

Product Engineering, Product Design, Product Strategy

UX/UI, front-end development, back-end development
fleet tracking software

Track my Truck

Mobile app design and development for a truck tracking mobile app.

Product Engineering, Product Design