ICA Eduskills data visualization app

ICA was founded in 1999, and began its journey with the sole mission to provide high quality services at affordable prices to the masses. Today they are considered as the pioneer in Accounts & Finance training nationwide, with their top-notch training centres across the country offering the widest range of practical skill building training programs.

What we did

  • UX/UI design
  • User testing
  • Application development


  • Android

Tools used

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Invision
  • Android Studio

Project Details

ICA franchise Training institutes and help the students to succeed with proper training and provides job opportunity. ICA wanted an app which will help their executives and Franchise owners to identify key data , quality metrics and will let them act on it.


The challenge of the project was to represent all data in suitable graphical view which will be easy to understand to app users and also provide enough information to act on it. The app must easily let them browse all the data in the same segment with required filters. The client also wanted to view actual data behind the graphical view. Depending on the permission of executives the filters and data access level was supposed to change, so we had to design keep in mind that scope and had to keep things simple for the end user. ICA also wanted to access contact and official information of the app users based on permission level.

Fonts and Color

We kept the color and fonts as simple as we can. The main reason behind this because this is not a public app. This is for their internal use and we followed their logo color as the primary color and kept Roboto as primary font as this is the default for Android users. So it will look same across devices as maximum employees are using android phone.


Card designs are the soul of this product. We were asked to represent cards in the best possible way that will be effective and customizable.

Informational dashboard

This section is the heart of the app. As per the objective, At a glance, based on the user permissions and class the users were supposed to get all necessary information. Our job was to make the top user experience driven design which will increase efficiency of the executives and will help them in turn to take better decisions.

Data was broken into both textual formats and graph formats for better understanding. Filters were in place for easy segregation of data.

User profile and login

Matching the vibrant colors of the app we went with the simple and clean color scheme. Again as always the design was very much focused considering a business app. The link to going to other sections are handy and no hidden gestures has been used.

Productivity increased by 30%

As data was always in upfront in the app, the communication time decreased. All the key-persons of the business was well informed and it helped the overall business as productivity by 30%.