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Real Estate Website Development with NEXT JS

Somani Realtors is one of the largest real estate marketing firm in the eastern region. They have been in business for over 3 decades.

70 Lakh+ Sq.Ft. of Properties Sold

100+ Employees

300+ Projects

Industry Covered

  • Real Estate
  • Marketing

Our Contributions

Product Engineering

Product designing

The Real Estate Industry

The real estate market sales depend a lot on the marketing firms. When a new project launches, the advertisements start to flow and the team with the most human-friendly approach with sales skills prevails. The sector is also kept impacting by new rules set up by the govt. which keeps changing regulations. The clients also have a dynamic set of requirements while choosing a home.

Project Brief

Somani Realtors approached us with multiple concerns, major being the redesign and redevelopment of the website ground up.

We had several sessions with the founders and executives where we understood the vision and positioning of the brand. It was clear that the website must be developed with headless technology, instant search, scalable SEO friendly technologies. We had to be extremely consistent with our communication to embody the concept of ‘Home for all’ throughout the website design. Another insight that user research provided us was the need to be able to provide all project data per HIRA rules and advanced filtering of the projects.

Objectives of the Project

  • Fast website loading
  • Instant project search
  • Huge data set variation handling
  • SEO friendly website with React SSR
  • Redesigning the website and web application

How we did it

Using React and Next JS for the Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

We used Server-Side Rendering (SSR) technology for the project as it makes a website Fast, Load-less, Server-independent, and API driven. Website development with NEXT JS ensures in the future the effort and cost to redesign the website remain at the lower side and allows the development process to be very fast.

Using headless CMS with NEXT JS to manage the dynamic content

As the data needed to be very flexible along with dynamic, so we used headless CMS that serves the data through API and makes life easy for the content managers. Using NEXT JS with headless CMS also allows the front-end engineers in the future to change the design of the website easily without changing almost anything in the CMS.

Responsive website development

We designed and developed the website keeping in mind that most of the audience will access it via mobile devices. On every page we gave precise importance on the responsive view.

Integrating Algolia to provide instant search

We used Algolia to provide an instant search feature on the website. We handled how data will be synced and clustered with Algolia to ensure we get the expected result.

Thinking for the end-user

To drive and reinforce the trust of the users, we put snippets of projects, awards, and testimonials in a diverse way. We ensured that users were empowered with broad filters such as the location, property type, latest properties in the landing page while scrolling through the website.

The Product

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