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Chatbot design and development for Trilyo

Trilyo is a Bangalore based chatbot company for hotel industry. It comprises features like any other chatbot but it caters specifically to hospitality industry. It integrates its bot to hotel websites to share offers, takes booking.

Our Contributions

UX design

UI design

The approach

Using their existing brand guidelines, we designed their chat section components. We designed it keeping in mind the user experience, their survey results and business objectives.

Design of the chatbot

A chatbot typically is placed at right-bottom side of a website. Trilyo is nothing different than that. So we decided to do all the proven user experience with solid touch of their branding and visual elements.

Brain storming

We did some sketching, design exploration and went with which seems logical and both beautiful.

UX exploration

A great framework we used for this is the design studio method for collaborative design. This process starts with a solo ideation phase, with participants sketching singular ideas on how to solve the problem at hand. Ideas are then shared, critiqued and combined/stolen/elaborated.

We used the ‘double diamond’ model for the UX/UI work.

Approach followed for UX/UI design

  • Discover
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Validate
  • Implementation
  • Iteration

Final chat-bot design

For their branding they used a gradient of dark pink and violet, so we used same color scheme throughout the app. From the sketches we derived a chat-bot design which reflects their branding and do justice to the users.

New Chat bot design

With new business expansion plan, the requirement came for implementing new chat bot design and improved features as well. We implemented the new chat-bot design and prod to be associated with a team which gives immense stress on good design and coding.

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Website development for Trilyo

Appradius worked with Trilyo to create an awesome SEO friendly website with 100% page-speed which helped their business in converting visitors.

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