Basket website design and development

Basket lets you save and organize articles, videos and any other useful links in a beautiful and simple way to increase your productivity. With Basket you can collect your favorite items over web and organize with Notes, Categories and Labels as per your priority or work habit.

What we did

  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Web application development
  • Website development
  • Quality analysis


  • PHP
  • Apache
  • AWS

Tools used

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sublime
  • Hotjar
  • Google Analytics

Project Details

We found many good articles, videos and various link and content types and we bookmarked them. We noticed that it is becoming a problem to find those saved items, we were getting very less option to keep things organized. So we thought to create a place which will serve the true purpose of bookmarking and we started working on Basket.

Productivity saas app design and development

It was our first work with productivity saas application. From not knowing anything, we knew everything about this sector, customer mindset in a month. Our job was to make a design that sticks, provides good usage comfort to users and helps them to be a loyal user.


As a process for product development we followed agile scrum methodology. Like any other good in the market, we knew from the beginning that many iterations will happen in coming time, but go to market time each time need to be as less as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

Website design

Most of the people when comes to the website of Basket, they know what they are looking for. So the above fold content is concise and to the point with a signup form. In next segments we provided more information, but is small meaningful chunks to help them understand more about Basket.

Basket dashboard

Basket dashboard is the place for your bookmarks. Categories are accessible from the left and the menu is easily accessible from top right. Floating button is there for instant addition of a link and search bar is at top. The search is one of the key element in this kind of application as a lot of data gets curated by a user. The whole design is focused on the bookmark cards.

Bookmark cards

Each bookmark card comprises of title, image, publication name and an action menu which appears on hover. Our front-end engineers did an amazing job with the bookmark card. Priority of the title is highest here then image. We always tried to accommodate as much as title as possible as for a curator, it is one of the prime thing to recognize and search. An automated balance has been created here to give optimum experience.

Handshake of engineering with design

Our engineers had to work a lot to make the application smooth, fast and effective to do justice to the design and user experience. In any application good usability is the top necessity, especially when a product can be used from people of various countries and professions.

Intuitive Labels

Basket have a very intuitive labels feature. It helps a user to segregate saved items based on urgency or priority. It provides an easy filter option and easy recognization opportunity to the users.

Increased website visitor conversion

We at AppRadius always keep a keen eye on user behavior. We used analytics and also tracked how are users using our site. We saw the video playback of the usages to ensure users are are getting it right and increased sign up.

User friendly smooth search

In an application which helps you to curate items, one of the crucial feature is search. Our UX team and developers did an amazing job to make the search experience beautiful ever.