Fleet Tracking Software for Caramel IOT

Caramel IOT brings a futuristic intelligent platform to any and every automobile. They help in live tracking buses, monitor vehicle driving history, broadcast bus delays to parents and provide full fleet management system to institutions.

What we did

  • React based Front-end development
  • REST API integration
  • Google Maps API integration


  • React JS
  • HTML
  • CSS

Project Details

The requirement

Caramel wanted our help in developing their fleet tracking web application. The objective was to integrate their REST APIs with React and integrate Google Maps to draw each data point. While they were making the backend service , we worked on the full front-end development and unit testing.

The approach

  • Understanding system objective and SOW.
  • Back-end and Front-end team-meeting and sorting out dev work framework.
  • Weekly status call and timely code commit to ensure the project is in right track.
  • Live data testing and quality assurance.

REST API integration

Appradius React JS development team worked tightly coupled with Caramel back team in the REST API integration. After developing the system design with HTML5 and CSS we started with the components, elements and routing.

We React we built load less super fast system for fleet management. Both teams were happy to be able to break the stereotype of slow, complex fleet management systems.

Google maps integration

Being a fleet monitoring application, the system is heavily coupled with Google Maps. Caramel monitors several data parameters for a vehicle to ensure transparency, safety, and integrity. We at appradius mapped all data points like -

  • Vehicle speed
  • Driving history
  • Live location tracking
  • Routes

in Google maps to provide visibility, compliance, safety and maintenance tools in one-solution.

Measuring delay

When in transit, specially with school kids, delay of a vehicle becomes a headache and subject of tension for parents. To erase that problem Caramel introduced delay monitoring and broadcast it to parents directly.

Ensuring safety

The system flags the vehicle speed with color to help administrator keep a tab on safety. Whenever the vehicle exceeds the speed limit it marks the path in Red color and administrator can take action if he thinks reckless driving happened.