React native app development

React native renders Native UI and provides the same experience native apps do, along with a single codebase helps to distribute your app to both iOS and Android.

react js and react native development company

Advantages of using React Native in building your app

  • React Native lets us create truly native apps and doesn't compromise your users' experiences.
  • React native creates seamless Cross-Platform experience for iOS and Android
  • Optimizes development time by providing fast refresh on any changes during the development of the app
  • Cost effective than building 2 different apps in Java/kotlin or Swift
  • Declarative style, highly readable, reusable codes and class performance
  • Flexible web to mobile transformation
  • Have strong community support

Why choose Appradius as your React Native development company

Experience on working multiple React Native apps

We developed React native apps for the Insurance industry, Cyber security industry, Social and community apps, Enterprise SAAS, Helpdesk apps.

Knowhow of the compatible tools for React native app development

We use proper tools as required to ensure you get the best of React native. Tools like Nuclide (integrates with the Atom editor, and allows to inspect elements), React-native CLI, Xcode, and Android studio as required.

Creating interactive UI with React

We have good experience in React native views. Our React development team can design views for each state in your application. We build pixel-perfect, buttery smooth UIs across both mobile platforms.

Agile work methodology

Our work at Appradius involves an agile development methodology that comprises iterative development along with continuous testing, delivery, and deployment of applications.

Proper communication with project management

We use tools like Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Git, Skype as required to ensure proper communication and code sync. There will be always someone who will make sure that the documentation, requirements, and proper communication is happening and you can depend on us for your project.

MVP development experience

We know Minimum Viable Product permits Rapid development of start-ups. We supported many startups over the years in building MVP and we know what it takes to build a great one.

Technology/Areas explored by our team

Next js development companyNEXT JS
Node JS
React JS

Our projects

Yezdaa Android App

Web and Mobile app design and development for local job search engine Yezdaa

Product Design, Product Engineering

Insurance company app

Developing the App for India's leading Private Bank for their Insurance domain

Product Engineering

Basket Android app

Basket mobile app received world-wide acclaim for it's top UX, features and smoothness.

Product Engineering, Product Design, Product Strategy