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SAAS Website for Demand Automation Platform Enhancio

Enhancio empowers marketing teams and agencies to improve campaign performance and fill their sales pipeline with high-quality, accurate leads by automating tedious and time-consuming tasks. It eliminates today’s demand generation roadblocks.

Industry Covered

  • SAAS
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Our Contributions

Website development

Server side rendering with NEXT

The Demand Generation Industry

To make sales, understanding and generating the demand is necessary for all business verticles. A demand generation strategy accounts for every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey — all the way from anonymous visitor to delighted customer. It leverages data in decision-making to align marketing and sales teams, track marketing's contribution to revenue and, most importantly, drive growth for a organization.

Project Brief

With Enhancio, demand marketers can manage and automate top-of-the-funnel CPL/content syndication programs from A to Z – manages everything. It is designed by a team of experienced B2B marketers for other B2B marketers to make the entire demand marketing workflow faster, easier and more effective.

To showcase the same, they wanted to develop a website with an interesting design. Appradius had to develop a website that is smooth, fast, SEO friendly, and make user navigation easy.

Objectives of the Project

  • Fast website loading
  • Making a navigation with CTA to download ebook
  • Integrating CMS with uses API to distribute data
  • SEO friendly website with React SSR
  • MObile friendly responsive website.

How we did it

Using React and Next JS for the Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

We used Server-Side Rendering (SSR) technology for the project as it makes a website Fast, Load-less, Server-independent, and API driven. It ensures in future the effort and cost to redesign the website remain at the lower side and allows the development process to be very fast.

Using headless CMS to manage the dynamic content

As the data needed to be very flexible along with dynamic, we used headless CMS that serves the data through API and makes life easy for the content managers.

Responsive website development

We designed and developed the website keeping in mind that most of the audience will access it via mobile devices. On every page we gave precise importance on the responsive view.

Integrating Algolia to provide instant search

We used Algolia to provide an instant search feature on the website. We handled how data will be synced and clustered with Algolia to ensure we get the expected result.

Thinking for the end-user

To drive and reinforce the trust of the users, we put snippets of projects, awards, and testimonials in a diverse way. We ensured that users were empowered with broad filters such as the location, property type, latest properties in the landing page while scrolling through the website.

The Product

Ajay George

I totally recommend them without any reservations

If you're looking for a cost-effective Next.js website on a headless CMS, look no further and Appradius can do a great job for you. They clearly know what they are doing and can pull off a great website exactly matching your designs. I totally recommend them without any reservations.

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